Zen Basil


Zen Basil is achieved using only simple, real ingredients and never flavors, food colorings, preservatives, or powders (even the organic kinds!) that create an illusion of juice or that dilute the benefits basil seeds naturally offer. 

Zen Basil is crafted by combining the powerful nutrition of hydrated organic basil seeds, which creates a pleasantly chewy texture. Unlike other seed-based beverages, Zen Basil has a fun texture similar to Boba, but much smaller in size. By themselves, these incredibly nutritional seeds can be plain, but we jazz them up with only organic juices to complete Zen Basil’s refreshing and delicious taste.

We’re not made with the concept of one size fits all, where ironically all flavors of a brand are fixed with the same calorie and same sugar count. We believe the world is a better place with more variety, which is a reflection of our drinks.

Each bottle of Zen Basil has a variety of calories, textures and sugar counts. When beverages are made with real fruit juices instead of sugar, agave, or other syrups, the end result of each drink, including calorie & sugar count will vary, as they are subject to the sweetness of that fruit. However, one rule will remain consistent, healthy drinks should taste delicious and Zen Basil does!  Try it for yourself… 

NO flavors (natural or organic type).

NO refined sugars.

NO Artificial ingredients.

NO citric acid.

NO gum.

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Healthy Greens  * * *  White Gummy  * * *  Strawberry  * * *  Touch of Honey

Coming soon:
Coconut Milk and Pomegranate


What’s so special about basil seeds?